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Chicason GroupRimco Nigeria Limited
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RIMCO (Resources Improvement and Manufacturing Company Limited) was incorporated in 1985. The Company started oil refining in 1988 in its 50mt capacity refinery. In 1990, it did a backward integration and started the 100mt per day palm kernel crushing mill to produce the crude palm kernel oil for the refinery. Present day RIMCO further expansion with the solvent extraction Refinery recently commission by the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Osibanjo in 2016.

Through careful application of the latest technologies, RIMCO ensures the delivery of high quality products that consistently meet customer’s specific needs. Raw material base of RIMCO has been diversified to include palm oil, palm kernel oil, Soya bean, cotton seed, beni seed and shea nut.

RIMCO is managed by team of highly trained professionals who combined industrial foresight with creativity to deliver an up to date product range from her different plants situated at Nnewi.

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We envision a Company where we start from the farms to generate raw materials produce and supply edible oils of world best quality to the society and by-products which will serve as fuels and raw materials for the companies.

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RIMCO Research & Development

RIMCO Nigeria Limited believes strongly in research and development as this constitute the main pivot for sustaining the high-level market acceptance her products have enjoyed over the years. Between 1999 and 2008, RIMCO committed about N100 million to research and development.

The benefits of this huge investment include: Production of Rubber Seed Oil which can be substituted for the expensive Soya-bean oil in the making of ALKYD RESIN for the paint industry, use of Rubber seed cake to replace part of the palm oil and palm kernel oil for soap production and use of Bleaching earth from local clay to replace the imported and expensive fulmont bleaching earth. At present, RIMCO is working on the use of de-solventised oil cake(DOC) to produce fertilizer.

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Our Products

  • Life Vegetable Oil
  • Life Palm Olein
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  • Vegetable oil is a good source of healthy fat
  • Vegetable oil are not actually made from vegetable but from seeds.