About Us

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Our Value Proposition

Chicason Group is a home grown and technology driven conglomerate, with vibrant member companies and affiliated businesses that epitomize the African enterprise spirit with diverse interests in Oil & Gas Trading, Oil & Gas Exploration, Manufacturing, Mining, Real Estate, Project Management, Agriculture, travel/tourism, Health care and Construction.

Founded in 1981, Chicason Group has over the past 36 years built its reputation on the foundation of integrity, commitment, team work and providing great value through great people culture. The Group has throughout the years grown into a strong player in its markets and has continued to demonstrate exceptional performance through excellent products and service delivery to our clientele and forming strategic trade relationships with highly reputable companies across the globe.

Today, the Group engages in a broad range of business activities not only to leverage on the unprecedented opportunities in Africa but to pursue our strong belief that we have a responsibility to make lives better for our clients by providing the best customer-focused services in all that we do.
Chicason Group has an effective corporate governance. The Group is headed by Founder/Group Executive Chairman Dr Alex Chika Okafor. He is the principal shareholder and maintains a “hands on” approach to driving the Group forward. Ari (Arindam) Sengupta serves as the Group Managing Director and with the strategic supports from various Executive Directors and Management Team from various Departments; help makes the day to day running of the Company a success.

Our brands include A-Z Petroleum Products Limited, Rock of Ages Properties PLC, RIMCO Mining, Cason Travels Limited, RIMCO Nigeria Limited, Afro-Asia Automobile & Plastics, Promotex Nigeria Limited, etc. Explore our website or get in touch with us to learn more about The Group.

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Our mission

To consistently provide world class goods and services and
help people achieve greatness in whatever they do

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Our Vision

To be an icon of African Enterprise, delivering great value
to customers through great people

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Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Ambition
  • Dynamism
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Our Brand

We are a proudly African home grown and self-made conglomerate symbolizing the true spirit of enterprise

We are the ever dependable partner helping you achieve greatness in all you do

Integrity is in our character. We are trustworthy and we uphold high ethical standards in our business

Credibility and Sincerity differentiate our tone of voice

Our Visual Identity projects our confidence and solidity. It expresses the monument we have built over time.