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About AAA&P

Since Incorporated in 2001, Afro-Asia Automobile and Plastic Industries limited has been engaged in the Importation/assembling of completely knocked down (CKD) components of motorcycles, tractors, plastics etc.

The company today a full-blown plastic processing company manufacturing amongst others, various plastic based products such as jerry cans of all sizes, automotive plastics spare parts; PVC Pipes and Ceiling profiles, household containers and disposable wares. With operational manufacturing plant located in Nnewi, Anambra State and Corporate Head Office in Lagos, we currently offer exceptional combination of superior quality and economic value, achievable through the institutionalisation of sound, researched, efficient, innovative and cutting-edge technologies in all our processes.

We are currently installed to process over 20,000 metrics tons of high grade polymers and metal based raw material annually. As a company founded and known for quality products and driven by increased demand for our products, we are on the verge of making our quality products available all over the country.

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Quality Control & Assurance

To consistently maintain excellent quality in our products, we have instilled a full-blown Quality Control and Assurance Department equipped with the best professionals.

We maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in quality and in compliance with Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) who has issued the Nigeria Industrial Standard (NIS) mark of quality to most of our products while the certification of the remaining products is in advanced stage.

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Our Products

Our products portfolio is dynamic and comes in different size and quality depending on the established standards or the specifications by customers.

Our products includes: quality industrial and domestic plastics containers (e.g. jerry cans), high quality automotive plastics spare parts (e.g. crash helmets, industrial helmets, side covers for motor cycles, etc.), quality Medical Service Accessories (e.g. Petri Dish, fluid collecting tubes, test tubes, drug envelops, etc.), high Quality Disposable Products (e.g. cups, plates of different shapes and sizes, spoons), high Quality PVC products (e.g. pipes of all sizes, ceilings of various designs).

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  • Over the last ten years the whole world has produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century.
  • There is no household without a plastic product in their possession.