CSR Policy

Chicason GroupCSR Policy
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Chicason Group is involved in several community based initiatives around west Africa ranging from healthcare service to local business support and scholarship schemes. The Group Community program ensures we play a supportive role in the areas where we operate. It is also a fundamental part of Chicason’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which helps guide healthy partnerships with our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the environment. Around the world, we aim to give back to the community by channeling our efforts through different CSR projects.

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  • Road Construction:
    Over the years, Chicason Group has been involved in the construction of roads in the eastern part of the country.
  • Borehole (pipe-borne water supply):
    Through its Manufacturing Plant in Nnewi Anambra State, the Group has donated/supplied pipe borne water to the Umudim community.
  • Primary Healthcare Provision:
    In a bid to help humanity and improve the wellbeing of the host community and employees alike, Chicason Group has continually provided full-time pro bono community medicine for the Nnewi and neighboring towns of Anambra State through its member company Chicason-Mannyon Specialist Hospital.
  • Scholarship Fund:
    Since Inception, The Group has offered scholarship fund to over 5,000 indigent students in our environment through the Scholarship Fund of The Group’s Executive Chairman, Chief (Dr.) A.C. Okafor.
  • Grants Financing:
    The Group has continually offered Grants for educational and/or scientific research in different universities across Nigeria.
  • Trade Financing:
    The Group is a key contributor to entrepreneurial financing in Nigeria. Building up the entrepreneurial and leadership spirit among youth,